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'Seeds of Change'

[.: Writer | Director | Producer | DP | Colorist | VFX :.]

(In Post-Production)

01 :. Synopsis

[DRAMA]   George Tanner a 63 year-old, unyielding, Midwestern man living in a "former" sundown town, is forced to face his racist beliefs when his 6 year-old biracial granddaughter comes to live with him.

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02 :.
Pitch Deck

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Look Book

04 :. Recognition

Best Short Script
California International Short Festival 2017
Short Script Finalist
California Women's Film Festival 2017
Short Script Final Round
Harlem International Film Festival 2017
Short Screenplay Finalist
Hollywood Screenplay Contest 2017
Short Script Finalist
World Series of Screenwriting 2017

05 :. Dramaturg

06 :.

07 :.

In this story, I explore what it will take to heal the pain of racism in this country.  My hope is that the story will allow the audience to empathize which will subsequently lead to understanding.

My desire for the future is that a real dialog regarding race will be allowed where both sides feel safe enough to talk honestly about their fears and pain.

Though the eyes of a child, anything is possible. As adults, we sometimes forget about possibilities. It is my hope that this film will remind us.

08 :.
Completed Crowdfunding Campaign

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